Aims / Objectives

Element Data understanding the importance of providing universal access to curated datasets for healthcare companies chose Clinical Trials datasets and made sure easy and ready access is provided using Snowflake marketplace. Sourcing data through our automated pipelines the clinical trials data was well received on SF marketplace and Roche went on a trial period with our data listing. Soon after that Roche signed on Element Data as a data provider.

What did you do?

Element Data spun up storage and compute resources on regions where Roche PDIL team wanted access and created Clinical Trials listings sourcing them from publicly available data sources. Moreover, Element Data assists SF in any administrative work in terms of data access, updates and is building relationship to becomes the window for all external data sourcing needs for the PDIL team.

What lies ahead?

Roche team was looking for an opportunity to get ready access to various external datasets and consolidate requirements such that the access can be provided through a single platform instead of managing various vendors and data providers.

They were looking for a partner that can consolidate these requirements and provision the same using Snowflake window.  Once Roche accessed clinical trials datasets through Element Data’s listings they were convinced on the power of the platform. On the engineering side Element Data’s lower maintenance and administrative work to setup an SF warehouse, replication features, Immediate availability and customer support went a long way to capitalize on the opportunity.

Element Data facilitated Roche through a trial period of data access, created a separate data warehouse, and build data pipelines so they can easily give access to various internal customers with the organization to carry out their clinical studies and support short and long term BI requirements



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