Aims & Objectives of ROCHE

Element Data recognizes the significance of universal access to curated datasets for healthcare companies; hence opted to provide Clinical Trials datasets with convenient and swift accessibility through the Snowflake marketplace. Our automated pipelines sourced the clinical trials data, which was well-received on the Snowflake marketplace, and Roche subsequently began a trial period with our data listing. After completing the trial period, Roche formally aligned with Element Data as a trusted data provider.

Collaborating for Success

Element Data provided the Roche PDIL team with storage and computing resources in their preferred regions and successfully created Clinical Trials listings using publicly available data sources. In addition, Element Data collaborated with SF in performing administrative tasks related to data access and updates.

Context and Background of the Case Study

Roche’s team wanted to streamline its access to diverse external datasets by consolidating their requirements onto a single platform. This approach would have eliminated the need for managing multiple vendors and data providers, ensuring a more efficient and cost-effective process for the team.

Roche sought a partner capable of consolidating their requirements and provisioning them through the Snowflake platform. After accessing clinical trial datasets via Element Data’s listings, they recognized the platform’s potential. Element Data’s engineering capabilities, including lower maintenance and administrative work for setting up a Snowflake warehouse, replication of features, and immediate availability provided the necessary foundation to capitalize on the opportunity.

Our subject-matter experts supported Roche through a trial period of data access, creating a separate data warehouse and building data pipelines. This initiative ensured that various internal customers within the organization could easily access the required data for conducting clinical studies and supporting short and long-term business intelligence requirements.



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