HALO AITM is a patented intelligence platform based on machine and deep learning that powers continuous anomaly detection in relationships, behaviors, outcomes, and risks that impact healthcare data integrity, clinical quality, and financial performance.

Aims & Objectives of APATICS

APATICS leverages state-of-the-art machine and deep learning technologies to gather comprehensive healthcare, financial, and clinical data through its intelligence platform. The company’s primary objective was to monetize this data by providing datasets that cater to diverse industries and customers, including healthcare payers, providers, governments, and consumers. By leveraging these datasets, the enterprise aimed to optimize its clinical and financial performance, ultimately achieving business objectives.

Collaborating for Success

Element Data helped APATICS get started with Snowflake, spinning up custom storage and cost-effective warehousing with future-ready account configurations so that APATICS becomes a reliable data provider and makes its mark on the Snowflake marketplace globally.

Context and Background of the Case Study

APATICS sought to monetize data gathered from their deep and machine learning-based intelligence systems. They needed a platform that could allow them to conveniently publish a wide range of datasets, readily available for purchase or use by other users and organizations.

Our subject-matter experts proposed using Snowflake Marketplace, an online transactional store for buying and selling data. Element Data assisted APATICS in setting up their Snowflake account, establishing a data warehouse, and building their first data pipelines and ETL processes. This initiative enabled APATICS to provide access to thousands of data consumers across the globe. With Element Data’s support, APATICS was able to create additional data listings on the Snowflake Marketplace and establish itself as a self-sufficient and trustworthy partner for its clients.



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